Cycling Sasquatch Jersey


DID YOU SEE THAT?! Over there - through those trees! Wait, I think I got a picture of it. Ah's all blurry. I swear ta god it was a Sasquatch on a bike!

Be one with the woods in our latest collaboration with Cycling Sasquatch.  The design helps you keep a low profile in the woods with earthy tones and digital camo.  You can get just the jersey alone here or opt for the ultimate in stealthy shred by getting a jersey and matching bibs at a special discount in our kits section.  You'll look great but don't blame us if all your selfies turn out blurry.

This Jersey is made to order. Production takes approximately 4-5 weeks from date of order to date of ship. 

100% American Made, short sleeve, 3/4 length hidden zip, Group Ride cut, and made using San Remo Bronze fabric for comfort and durability. Check the sizing link for more info. SIZING INFO