Cycling Sasquatch Bibs


DID YOU SEE THAT?! Over there - through those trees! Wait, I think I got a picture of it. Ah's all blurry. I swear ta god it was a Sasquatch on a bike!

Be one with the woods in our latest collaboration with Cycling Sasquatch.  The design helps you keep a low profile in the woods with earthy tones and digital camo.  The full kit is the ultimate in stealthy shred and long distance comfort, but order this item if you ONLY WANT THE BIBS.  You'll look great but don't blame us if all your selfies turn out blurry.

These bibs are made to order. Production takes approximately 4-5 weeks from order. 

The Group Ride bibs feature light compression spandex, mesh uppers, wide folded elastic leg cuffs, and premium Italian made molded chamois for comfort.  Check the sizing link for more info. SIZING INFO